Sunday, June 06, 2010

JUNE 2010 menu plan

I like filling it in as the month goes on, especially when I get such a late start! I did make the plan on paper, though let's just say it's a good thing I plan in pencil!

TUES 1: Fajitas (using leftover steak), corn, rice

WED 2: Pizza

THURS 3: Spaghetti

FRI 4: Shrimp fried rice. Easiest ever, no recipe needed! I used precooked shrimp, cooked rice, and a bag of "steam in the bag" frozen vegetables that I cooked 1 minute less than normal time. Sauteed a little garlic, added rice, then a splash of soy sauce, added shrimp and vegetables, mixed up, stirred in a dash of sesame oil and it was dinner!

SAT 5: Grilled chicken, corn, wild rice

SUN 6: either French toast or hot turkey sandwiches, depending on who's eating here. Everyone is off in 5 different directions.

MON 7: Hawaiian chicken, jasmine rice, green beans

TUES 8: Taco skillet

WED 9: Chicken divan

THURS 10: Spaghetti with sausage

FRI 11: Baked flounder

SAT 12: Picnic

SUN 13:  Luau chicken

MON 14:  Enchilada stack

TUES 15:  Pork chops with lemon-garlic marinade, Alfredo noodles

WED 16:  Beef paysanne, noodles

THURS 17:  Spaghetti

FRI 18:  pizza

SAT 19:  Party (that's a post in itself!)

SUN 20:  Father's Day--we went to Outback Steakhouse

MON 21:  party leftovers

TUES 22:  Chicken piccata, salted skillet potatoes

WED 23;  tacos

THURS 24:  spaghetti

FRI 25:  pizza

SAT 26:  tilapia

SUN 27:  Caesar garlic chicken

MON 28:  Beef stroganoff skillet

TUES 29:   Clearly a 5-star meal; I never wrote down what it would be and I cannot remember at all!

WED 30:  Chicken crescent casserole

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