Monday, March 17, 2014

Where You'll Find Me

This blog has been rather quiet of late. I'm still cooking, but I've been posting new recipes at a new website:  Cook and Count. The new site features the same family-friendly recipes you're used to finding here, with the addition of carbohydrate information per serving.

That's because my youngest child was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes this past November. Fortunately I haven't had to learn a new way to cook, but I have had to pay attention to how many carbs are in the food my son eats.

The recipes at Cook and Count are for anyone--not just diabetics. And yes, there will still be cookies. Little Brother can still have cookies, as long as he knows how many carbs are in them so he can use insulin accordingly. He is learning to enjoy two cookies instead of scarfing down five or six. (And that's a good thing.)

This site isn't going anyplace, but new posts will be happening at the new site.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I've Given Up Ice Cream

I like ice cream.

A lot.

That's the problem. Ice cream is yummy, but it's also very easy to eat way too much of it.

Since I also like fitting into my clothing, I tried cutting down on the size of my ice-cream bowl. That didn't work too well.

What did work was substituting gelato for ice cream.

Talenti Gelato is rich and delicious, and a little goes a long way. A small dish of Talenti Gelato is just as satisfying as a big dish of ice cream, and a lot easier on the waistline.

Because I enjoy frozen desserts almost as much in winter as I do in summer, I tried some of Talenti's seasonal flavors this winter. My favorite seasonal flavor was Peppermint Bark, which takes plain old chocolate-chip-mint to a fabulous new level. I hope they'll bring this flavor back next winter--I'll buy it by the case if they do.

If you like your desserts a little nutty, try the Sicilian Pistachio, which is loaded with chunks of pistachio as well as plenty of flavorful pistachio butter.

Want something smoother? You can't miss with Sea Salt Caramel. You'll find caramel truffles in there--a winning combination.

Take a look at all their current flavors! On my list to try:
Argentine Caramel
Coffee Chocolate Chip
Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip
Southern Butter Pecan

FYI:  Talenti's one-pint plastic containers are great for storage once dessert is done. Fill them up with rice, pasta, cookies, whatever.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sunshine Citrus Salsa with Fish

In the middle of winter, you need all the sunshine you can get, and with citrus fruit at its peak of flavor (and lowest price), it's a great time to add the taste of sunshine to any meal.

You'll find this recipe at my new website, Cook and Count!


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