Sunday, March 28, 2010

What to Serve on Easter?

I'm undecided.
Ham or turkey?

Ham is the traditional Easter dish in my family. It's easy to make, and that helps a lot when you're playing at the NOON Mass. And we all like it--once. But then I think about all the leftovers, and we really don't eat up ham leftovers very well. All the casseroles I've tried that include leftover ham are never a hit with my crew.

Turkey is a hit with everyone. There are any number of things I can make with leftover turkey that my family will actually eat. But turkey takes longer to prepare, especially since I'd want to have homemade stuffing with it. I could make it work, but it would take a good amount of organization, something which I've really been lacking lately.

I've got to make the final plan and grocery list soon. I'll have to poll the family, too. Your input would be appreciated.


  1. I was having the same thoughts today. I think we too are going to go with turkey. We had a huge ham this week thanks to our neighbors and will have LO's in the freezer for a few more meal.So therefore, Turkey it is..
    Do you do yours in a roaster or the oven? Have you ever done it in a bag? i want to brine mine then cook it in one of those no peeky bags.....Julie

  2. Well, if you were in Hawaii, you could make the ham on Easter Sunday and then make Kalua pork (just put it in a crockpot with a little water and cook it until it can be shred). Of course, you can do the same with the turkey but you would have to add liquid smoke.

  3. I've been pondering the same question. My family wants to have ham but I'm leaning toward turkey. I can eat ham while low carbing but not with all of the brown sugar glaze that I love on it. HHHMMM...what to do?

    I'm with you on the leftovers, too.

    Sorry that I'm no help!



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