Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do You Sit While You Cook?

My grandmother used to sit at the table and peel potatoes, cut turnips, and do all sorts of meal prep. I'm taller than she was (which isn't saying much!), but I find sitting uncomfortable because I'm not at the right height to work at the table. Kitchen chairs are just not high enough.

I recently found that this Winsome Saddle Seat Stool is perfect for working in my kitchen.  On those days when my feet are tired and I just don't want to stand there and chop stuff, I can pull the stool out from under the kitchen table (it fits perfectly) and have a comfortable spot to sit where I work.  The crossbars work well as a footrest, too!

This stool is 24" high, just right for working at the table.  It also is great for extra seating in any room.  Basic black goes with everything.  It comes unassembled, but I was able to put it together in about 15 minutes--all you need is an Allen wrench, which is provided in the box.

My kids all want one of these for their room, but this stool is mine and it's staying in the kitchen!

I received no financial compensation from CSN Stores or the manufacturer for this review, although I did get to keep the stool.


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