Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oreo-Stuffed Chocolate-Chip Cookies

One of the big hits at the cast-and-crew Tech Week dinners that the parents hosted at my daughter's high school this year was a plate of Oreo-stuffed chocolate-chip cookies that appeared every night.  No one could figure out who brought it--and we all wanted the recipe.  Only a lucky few kids even got to taste those cookies, because the platter was emptied in a flash every single night.

I found the original recipe at Picky Palate, but I wanted to make a few changes. First of all, I saw how huge those cookies were. I figured a mini Oreo would be easier to work with and would result in a smaller cookie. Also, I have my own favorite chocolate-chip cookie recipe, so I used that for the dough.

Here's the procedure:

1. Refrigerate your cookie dough for at least an hour before starting.

2. Use a teaspoon to remove balls of dough. Flatten on a sheet of waxed paper.

3.  Place a mini Oreo on half the flattened disks of dough.

4.  Place another disk on top of the disk with the Oreo, then carefully mold the dough around the cookie so no Oreo is showing.  (Pardon the poor photo; I was baking with one hand and photographing with the other since the kids weren't home to help me!)

5.  Place on baking sheet (I like to line my baking sheets with a silicone liner).  Bake about 1 minute longer than you usually would for chocolate-chip cookies.  Your mileage may vary, but this timing worked for me.

6.  Cool on wire rack before enjoying them!

Thanks again for the inspiration, Picky Palate!


  1. Is that your (very cute) kid?

  2. Yes, that's the famous Little Brother, very in need of a haircut, and very much a fan of these cookies :)

  3. My boyfriend has become totally obsessed with these cookies upon seeing your recipe! I think we'll be trying them very soon... :-D



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