Saturday, June 09, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday

This is my first time ever participating in Smart Habit Saturday. It's sponsored by the Lazy Organizer.

The habit I want to work on this week is dealing with the clutter that likes to accumulate on my kitchen table every time my back is turned. Since the kitchen is small, we can't seat our family of 5 in there to eat a meal. So the kitchen table has become a work table for me. I keep my bread-kneading board, my large recipe box/cookbook holder, a cup full of pens and a couple of other small items there. But other stuff keeps finding its way to the table: Star Wars figures, those little rings off the top of the milk jug, newspapers, books, food items that people didn't bother putting away--you know the drill, I'm sure. FlyLady would call this table a "hot spot."

Here's my table "in use" as it should be. I want to make sure I get to that table after each meal and clear it off. That's my habit to work on this week.


  1. Why is it so hard to keep kitchen tables clean? I swear there are actually magnets embedded in the top! :)

  2. Welcome to SHS! My table clutters so quickly {along with every other flat surface in the house}. If dust weren't an issue I'd keep the table set with clean dishes all day just to keep it clear. I do pretty well at keeping the area we use clean. Only 3 of us sit at the table {baby is 8 months} so the far end where no one sits is constantly has things piled up on it. I'll have to consider that for a future habit. Good luck this week!

  3. Welcome to SHS! I hope you have a great week with your clean table! :-)

  4. Darn thos pesky Hot Spots. I have so many of them, i'm surprised my house doesn't catch on fire =).

    Good luck with the new habit. Remember, habits never make excuses.

  5. Welcome to SHS! I am sure you will love this forum, it is life changing.

    Good luck this week keeping your hot spot table clean. I have some spots I need to work on myself.

  6. I love the St Francis quote on your profile - I hadn't heard that one before, so I'm posting it on my monitor right now!

    You also post some wonderful recipes - hubby has been doing the cooking since our son was born (14 months now) and the chops/steak and veggies are getting a bit repetitive... I really look forward to Friday's fish as a change! Maybe I can try inspiring him with some of your ideas (I like cooking, but between a toddling "baby wombat" & final year College of Law, I just don't have the time)

  7. I understand about the table. My Mom had to write a paper in college and she titled it "The life of a table". She went on about how it holds books, food, junk--actually the day in the life stuff!
    I copied your pot pie recipe. It looks so good!
    I am going to try it.

  8. Our table is constantly cluttered,but the clutter is rotated. Breakfast dishes are moved to make way for our school day, then that's moved to make way for lunch, then that's moved to make way for our crafts. . .you get the idea. The bread looks wonderful!

  9. Yes, your bread looks delicious! Do have a recipe for it on your blog?

    Good luck with keeping your table cleared off. That's a hard one but I know you can do it!

    Thanks for joining us!

  10. Welcome to SHS! Good luck with your new goal! Clearing out clutter makes me feel better about everything!

    Slava Bogu!



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