Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Menu Plan for April 30-May 11

Yes, I'm super-slow at posting the menus just now.

Wed. 30 - Chicken Chili Blanco, semolina bread

Thurs. 1 - Spaghetti

Fri. 2 - Salmon cakes, curly fries, mixed vegetables (no link for the salmon cakes. It was a new recipe, and not all that great.)

Sat. 3 - Hawaiian chicken, rice, green beans

Sun. 4 - Out to dinner with Grandma for her birthday (Red Lobster)

Mon. 5 - Beef paysanne, noodles, corn

Tues. 6 - Grilled-chicken quesadillas, salad

Wed. 7 - Cashew Chicken, rice

Thurs. 8 - Spaghetti

Fri. 9 - Homemade pizza

Sat. 10 - Celebrating Cousin E's First Communion

Sun. 11 - Happy Mother's Day! I'm making Italian Veal Stew and someone else is doing the cleanup.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! Someone else doing the clean up for you on Mom's day; now that's lovin'... Hope you have a great one!!



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