Monday, April 09, 2007

Still Plugging Away At It

I'm still working on it and still making progress! The boxes of clothes are scheduled for pickup. I've posted four separate items on Freecycle already, with more to come.

Today I spent most of the morning working on the "household tools" area. I put all the lightbulbs together, put nails, screws, and eye hooks in separate jars, and got a box together of "things that really belong in the garage." I also took some books upstairs so I could list them on, or sort them for donation to the library. I put the snow boots that Little Brother hasn't grown into yet, upstairs in his closet. I also started a list of the types and sizes of containers I will need to finish this job. Finally, I intend to move the suitcases upstairs. Everyone can keep his/her own suitcase in the bedroom closet.

I'm excited to be making progress!


  1. Great job on what you've accomplished so far. My update is up, too!

  2. Great job with the progress. Isn't neat how this 30-Day challenge is allowing you to make decisions about where to store things or even what to get rid of? Gotta work on my update tomorrow...



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