Friday, April 13, 2007

2 More Hefty Bags OUT THE DOOR!

I am so thrilled at the progress I've been making in the basement! I keep dragging people downstairs so they can inspect it. Today is trash day and last night I hauled two heavy bags of stuff OUT! I'm making yet another pile of stuff for Freecycle; I've got two bags of things going to my mom's (she's taking some bubble wrap for some gifts she'll be mailing out, plus a drip coffeemaker I never use, for when they have guests and need to make more than 4 cups at a time. I also have a few outgrown clothing items to pass along to a couple of nieces.)

There will be a few more trips to the garage today with stuff that really does not belong in the basement. And then it will be down to the last few trouble things: the baskets (where the HECK do I keep those?) and the "miscellaneous" that I will just have to walk around the house with, putting each thing into the right spot. After that, I will have that whole big dresser top for folding laundry or wrapping gifts.

I even got rid of the disgusting old "came with the house" curtains. When I was cleaning out, I found a box of curtains, some of which don't fit any windows we have here. There were two chambray "toppers" in that box, so I washed them and hung them on the basement windows. More light is coming in, and they look much nicer--and not quite so '70s!

Today or tomorrow I will be getting a couple of containers. As I suspected, I won't need TOO many! I do need places to keep the gift bags that we reuse, and the brown grocery bags that we recycle our paper in. I know what I want to store the brown bags in, and where to get it. The gift bag container is one I haven't figured out yet. Maybe I'll get inspired when I'm shopping!


  1. Yeah!! I love a woman on fire! I'm totally doing the happy dance for you..very impressive.

    PS: I keep my gift bags all in a bigger gift bag, works for me :)

  2. Isn't this 30-Day challenge great! I've already given some things away through FreeCycling too!!! Great job and I can't wait to see the before and after pics!!!



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