Sunday, August 29, 2010

Supermarket Hint

Tonight at Shop-Rite I discovered why it's a good idea to save that little printout you get when you use the "Dexter Deli" machine to order cold cuts.

There was a coupon in this week's circular for Shop-Rite American cheese, making it $2.98 a pound (a $1.01 saving).  I needed some American cheese, since we're having a picnic tomorrow evening for the Cub Scout leaders and their families to kick off the new year.   So I ordered a pound of American from the deli computer. 

When I picked up the cheese, I noticed that they had marked "out" next to the roast beef I had also ordered (it was also on sale this week).  I looked around for a trash can to throw away my little printout, since I had matched up the order numbers, but I didn't find one, so I put it in my pocket and headed to the checkout counter.

The cashier rang up the cheese, but the coupon I handed her didn't work.  She asked me to unpack the cheese from my bag so she could check it--and then she told me that it was the wrong cheese and I couldn't get the coupon price.  I then pulled out my receipt, showed her that the orders matched, and the manager said that I should pay the sale price since it was not my error.  (The manager then headed over to the deli counter, where I imagine the person manning the slicer would hear about it.)

I just checked--that was $6.49-a-pound cheese they gave me by mistake.  UNfortunately, it was "slender" cheese which probably means it doesn't taste or melt quite the same as regular cheese does.  But that's what I have; I'm not going back to the store tomorrow; we're eating it on the burgers tomorrow.

And here's my coupon brag of the day:  spent $116.50; saved a total of $101.52 in sales, coupons, and Cellfire coupons.  Woot!


  1. Barbara, that's $116.50 out of pocket--if it was all full price, it would have been 218!

  2. Great savings, Barb! I haven't found anywhere around here that will take Cellfire coupons.

  3. Wow! I ended up spending 15 minutes at the store waiting for the manager to check out the Catalina coupons. These print at our store based upon what you've purchased. The printer was low on ink, and I got multiple coupons. One was for $2 off next shopping order, another for $1.50 off Yoplait. I was not leaving the store without having the coupons reprinted or verifying they could be redeemed.



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