Saturday, February 05, 2011

Menu Plan February 2011

Tuesday 1: Father Leo's fajitas from Grace Before Meals cookbook, tater tots & salad.

Wednesday 2: Melt in your mouth braised & barbecued chicken, Irish potatoes. I'm the only one who seemed to like the potatoes, and I cut the dill about in half. That was a LOT of dill. I liked the method of cooking them, though!

Thursday 3: Spaghetti.

Friday 4: Pizza.

Saturday 5: Swiss Chicken Melt, rice.

SUPER BOWL Sunday 6: Chicken Enchilada Soup with cornbread for dinner. Game snack: Pizza Bites (plain and pepperoni)

Monday 7: Pot roast

Tuesday 8: Skillet Stroganoff

Wednesday 9: Honey garlic chicken with orzo

Thursday 10: Spaghetti

Friday 11: Spicy Citrus Tilapia, roasted potatoes

Saturday 12: Honey pork chops

Sunday 13: we ate out with the kids.

Monday 14: Japanese Hibachi food, at a restaurant for Valentine's Day

Tuesday 15: Chick-Fil-A for a school fund-raiser

Wednesday 16: Back to home-cooked food! I made arroz con pollo. I'll still need to tweak this recipe before I post it--it "needed something."

Thursday 17: Beef paysanne over noodles.

Friday 18: Shrimp Scampi with linguine

Saturday 19: Boy Scout spaghetti dinner

Sunday 20: Lidia's chicken and potatoes

Monday 21:  Italian Veal Stew

Tuesday 22: Chicken Piccata Bites, rice

Wednesday 23: Spaghetti

Thursday 24: Skillet Stroganoff

Friday 25: Baked flounder

Saturday 26: Cub Scout Blue & Gold Dinner

Sunday 27: Roast chicken

Monday 28: Tacos

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