Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cookie Carnival: Vanilla Shortbread

My friend Tami hosts the Cookie Carnival each month, and it looked like a lot of fun--so I decided to play along too. It's easy to do; you just contact Tami and she'll send you the two recipes chosen for the month. Then you bake, photograph, taste-test and post about it!

I chose the Vanilla Shortbread Hearts recipe because the other recipe contained ingredients that I didn't already have around the house!

The cookies turned out delicious, but they were really work-intensive. I love cookies, but I don't like doing cut-out cookies. I'm a "drop and go" kind of girl when it comes to cookies.

I made two changes to the recipe, neither one of which really makes a big difference in the outcome. I couldn't get raspberry jam so I used blackberry. And I couldn't find my tiny heart-shaped cookie cutter, so I made vanilla shortbread stars instead.

I think that 13 minutes might be a little too long to bake these. I'd recommend checking them after 11 minutes.

All in all, they tasted good, but I doubt I'll make them again. These are not a cookie my kids would want to eat.


  1. They turned out very pretty! I would like the blackberry, too!

  2. I have a love-hate relationship with cut-out cookies. They always turn out cute, but they take SO LONG to make. I usually end up tackling them only once or twice a year giving myself long enough in between to forget how much work they really are =)

    Regardless, your cookies definitely turned out well! I think many flavors of jam would go well with these. Blackberry sounds like a good choice =)



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