Sunday, October 09, 2011

September 2011 menu

September was a crazy month!  Big Brother was back at school and I was still getting used to cooking for only 4 again.  Both kids are busy with soccer, and they were also both involved in a musical at the community theatre.  It was rare that all 4 of us still at home got to eat all together--and I didn't want to have to resort to dining out too often.  I wound up doing that more than I cared to, but we did manage to eat at home MOST nights.

Thurs 1:  BBQ chicken in the crockpot, potatoes

Fri 2:  pizza

Sat 3:  leftovers

Sun 4:  ate at the diner

Mon 5:  picnic with friends.  We brought Dr. Pepper baked beans and Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes Tues 6:  taco skillet

Wed 7:  Hawaiian Chicken, rice

Thurs 8:  Roast chicken

Fri 9:  Shrimp tacos

Sat 10:  Chicken francese

Sun 11:  potluck at the theatre.  We brought baked ziti with meat.

Mon 12:  BBQ chicken calzones

Tues 13:  Spaghetti

Wed 14:  Beef & noodle skillet

Thurs 15:  ate out

Fri 16:  ate out

Sat 17:  Tandoori chicken

Sun 18:  Spanish rice with pork

Mon 19:  Chili honey chicken

Tues 20:  Roast chicken cooked in gravy over noodles

Wed 21:  Spanish garlic shrimp

Thurs 22:  Chicken Caroline

Fri 23:  Pasta with shrimp marinara

Sat 24:  ate out

Sun 25:  burgers

Mon 26:  honey & garlic chicken

Tues 27:  garlic & cheddar chicken

Wed 28:  spaghetti

Thurs 29:  combo tacos

Fri 30:  French bread pizza

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