Saturday, October 29, 2011

Menu Plan most of October 2011

Big Brother came home from college for a few hours yesterday, to grab a winter jacket and reload on homemade cookies and Easy Mac.

For the record, Ranger Cookies still work if you forget to add the Rice Krispies.  (I was wondering why the dough seemed a little different this time.)

When he and his girlfriend showed up, there was much rummaging in the refrigerator for lunch.  That's when they got a look at the calendar on the front of the fridge.  It's where I've been keeping my menu plan.

"Maybe we could eat our dinners here every night," Big Brother's girlfriend sighed.  Best compliment EVER!

There's nothing like Dorm Food to make your kids appreciate Mom's Home Cooking.

Beginning of the month menu plan is here.

Sat 8:  visited my parents & had dinner there

Sun 9:  diner

Mon 10:  Italian veal stew (which is apparently on my college student's Dinner Wish List for next time he comes home!)

Tues 11:  Chicken enchiladas

Wed 12:  Chicken & noodle skillet

Thurs 13:  Spaghetti

Fri 14:  Pizza

Sat 15:  Fajitas (thanks, Father Leo!)

Sun 16:  Roast chicken, baked potatoes

Mon 17:  ate at the Irish Pub (if you're local, don't miss the Guinness Beef Stew over mashed potatoes)

Tues 18:  Chicken Swiss Melt

Wed 19:  Taco Skillet

Thurs 20:  Spaghetti

Fri 21:  Crab & corn soup (I'm not posting this recipe, as it was only so-so.  I'll try again sometime)

Sat 22:  Chicken on the grill, sauteed asparagus, yellow rice

Sun 23:  Chicken parmesan

Mon 24:  Slowcooker orange chicken, brown rice, Asian green beans

Tues 25:  Maple-Hoisin Salmon (now with pictures!)

Wed 26:  ate at the diner

Thurs 27:  Lemon Mushroom Herb Chicken, rice, mixed vegetables

Fri 28:  Spaghetti

Sat 29:  Enchilada Soup

Sun 30:  Italian Beef Sandwiches (With back-to-back rehearsals from 1 to 7 PM, I needed a trusty slow-cooker recipe for Sunday and this is perfect)

The plan for Halloween is still up in the air.  A lot depends on what time trick-or-treat is going to start.

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