Saturday, May 14, 2011

Upcoming Meal Plan: Just Me and the Kids Week

When my husband's on a business trip, some of our regular menu routines change.  They used to change even more, but now his schedule at work has shifted a bit and he misses dinner with the family more often than not these days.  It's not a situation we're thrilled with, but it's the one we live with right now, and I try to make the best of it on the days when he IS able to join us at mealtime by having something he especially likes.

Last night, unfortunately, that didn't work out--and I had to be the gatekeeper over the skillet of Rainbow Stir Fry before the hungry teenagers ate all of Dad's dinner!  (This is such a yummy, quick dish.  I put snow pea pods in it instead of the peas listed in my recipe.  This kind of dish is pretty forgiving that way.)

This week, we'll eat earlier, and a bit differently.  I gave myself one "fast food" night as a break from it all.  We'll see what the kids lobby for that day.

SATURDAY:  TheDad and Little Brother are on a Cub Scout outing.  The rest of us will eat hot dogs or chili with rice (from the freezer) and miscellaneous leftover side dishes.  It's pretty much "Raid the Fridge" night for me and the 2 teenagers.

SUNDAY:  We're going to the diner after church before TheDad leaves on his trip.  Dinner will be Chicken Pitas.

MONDAY:  Pork carnitas, "Chipotle" style.  I've found some copycat recipes for the rice, corn relish, and pinto beans.  If it's a success, I'll post it.

TUESDAY:  Fast-food night.  Halfway point of Mom Flies Solo Week!

WEDNESDAY:  Breakfast for dinner:  French toast, bacon, and fresh fruit.

THURSDAY:  Spaghetti and meatballs.  Of course.  What else would we eat on a Thursday?

FRIDAY:  Cub Scout crossover ceremony and picnic.  Burgers and hot dogs, maybe a giant roaster oven of baked beans if I am so moved, some pasta salad and tossed salad, chips and dessert.  We keep it easy at these events.  I'm still waiting on the number attending so I can get started planning this meal, since the shopping and non-grill cooking/food prep is on me.

SATURDAY:  Chicken parmesan--my husband's favorite dish.

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  1. Funny, my husband's favorite is chicken parm, too. But I rarely make it. Bad wife. ;-)



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