Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Menu Plan: June 7-27

Oh my goodness, has it been this long?

SUN 7: Grilled London broil, roasted potatoes with Old Bay seasoning, green beans

MON 8: Homemade pizza

TUES 9: Lemon & Garlic chicken drumsticks, broccoli, Stove Top stuffing

WED 10: Tacos. I saw a hint on Family Corner to use tomato juice in place of water when making tacos. Not having any tomato juice on hand, I used a can of tomato sauce and it worked great.

THURS 11: Spaghetti with sausage

FRI 12: Cub Scout picnic

SAT 13: The Big Kids both had parties to attend so we took Little Brother to Chili's

SUN 14: Steak on the grill, orzo with garlic and onions, mixed vegetables

MON 15: Balsamic chicken with onions, linguine aglio olio

TUES 16: takeout

WED 17: Chili

THURS 18: Spaghetti & meatballs

FRI 19: Went to a diner

SAT 20: Spaghetti at Mom & Dad's

SUN 21: Chicken parm at Mom & Pop's

MON 22: Chicken Swiss Melt, rice, mixed vegetables

TUES 23: Breezie's Legendary Clam Chowder, crusty bread, salad

WED 24: Fajitas/quesadillas with leftover steak

THURS 25: Ravioli with meatballs

FRI 26: Flounder

SAT 27: hot dogs, beans

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