Friday, January 19, 2007

Focaccia Taste Test

I was asked by some readers to report on the Focaccia recipe we were trying today.

A few notes:

A double batch is just a TINY bit too much to fit happily in my bread machine pan (eeek!) I had to run out and pick up Big Brother, who missed the bus, and the dough sat a few minutes and grew bigger in there. Luckily I got home before it was a gooey mess everywhere.

I divided the dough into 6 portions and made smaller ones, 3 per cookie sheet.

I brushed olive oil all over the dough before adding any topping.

I also mixed a can of tomato paste and a tsp each of Italian seasoning and garlic powder and spread a thin layer of that on top of the olive oil. Then I topped with vegetables and/or cheese as desired.

NEXT TIME I will oil the dough and cover it in plastic wrap before the second rise.

There WILL be a next time.

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