Friday, July 15, 2011

Menu Plan first half of July 2011

Is it a menu plan if you post it after the fact?  It's summer, and I've gotten more "fly by night" about menu planning, especially since attendance at dinner is sporadic as far as my 2 teens are concerned.  Very often I wind up changing the plan 3 or 4 times by the time 6:00 rolls around!

FRIDAY 1:   Shrimp scampi with pasta (now with pictures!)

SATURDAY 2:  Grilled chicken

SUNDAY 3:  Waffles

MONDAY 4:  Grilled steak

TUESDAY 5:  Carnitas

WEDNESDAY 6:  Maple-dijon chicken

THURSDAY 7:  Spaghetti

FRIDAY 8:  Homemade pizza (using the same dough as Calzones)

SATURDAY 9:  Burgers

SUNDAY 10:  not home

MONDAY 11:  Chicken piccata bites (now with pictures!)

TUESDAY 12:  not home

WEDNESDAY 13:  Beef noodle skillet

THURSDAY 14:  ate at the diner

FRIDAY 15:  Italian veal stew (now with pictures!)

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