Sunday, July 06, 2008

Menu Plan Monday July 7, 2008

SATURDAY: We had family and friends here for a picnic. Dinner included burgers and hot dogs, barbecued chicken, pasta salad, apple-poppyseed cole slaw (this was fabulous!), Dr. Pepper Baked Beans, and raw vegetable platter. Dessert was brownies, fruit and Lemonade Pie.

SUNDAY: Leftover surprise (it's just me here for dinner. Surprise!)

MONDAY: "Cheater's Beef Burgundy" over noodles

TUESDAY: French Toast

WEDNESDAY: Chicken piccata/Spicy Orange Chicken (2 sauces, same base chicken. Everyone's happy). Served with rice and vegetables.

THURSDAY: Spaghetti

FRIDAY: Shrimp fried rice

SATURDAY: The Boy Scouts are off to camp. The rest of us will eat up some leftovers as we are going to spend some time at my parents' house and I don't want to come home to Science Experiments in the fridge.

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  1. It all sounds good, as usual- especially that chicken picatta. Have a great week!



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