Friday, December 03, 2010

How absolutely pathetic.

I cannot believe that I haven't put a blasted thing up here since HALLOWEEN!!!!!

I've been keeping track of our dinners, so I guess I'll have to take out my planner and write out our menu plan from November.  And then get you updated on what's new for December.  If anyone's even still reading!!

While you're here, I'm looking for a recommendation on a good probe-style cooking thermometer.  I had a Taylor, and something happened to the probe, so the device just kept flashing "LO" instead of a temp.  Then I bought a Polder, and it was DOA.  "LO" right out of the box.  Troubleshooting info for both said that if it says "LO" then the probe is broken.

This is an item that I really do depend on (and Thanksgiving was a little extra challenging without it, since I had to keep opening up the roaster to check on the turkey's progress--slowing down said progress.) 


  1. Boy can I relate, Barb!! I'm still here and reading!

    Stay warm up there! Wish that I could recommend a cooking thermometer but I don't own one.

    Happy Holidays!!



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