Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Turkey Stock!

Thrifty Thursday is hosted at Amanda's Cookin' each week!

I made a turkey dinner on Saturday for my younger son's birthday. After I carved the turkey, I let the carcass cool off, then broke it apart. You can do this with your hands once the carcass gets cool. Then I saved it in a covered pot in the refrigerator.

Today I took all of those pieces and put them into the strainer insert for a 12-quart pasta pot (it's like a colander, but cylindrical). I added a bag of "past their prime" baby carrots, a handful of parsley, and some salt and pepper. Then I filled the pot with water and simmered 4 hours.

After that it was easy enough to remove the strainer and I was left with over 8 quarts of fabulous turkey stock. Some of it went into the white chili we had for dinner, and the rest is for the freezer. (We used cubed leftover turkey in that chili instead of chicken. It tasted great.)

So here's my Thrifty Thursday tip: don't waste poultry bones when you can use them for stock!


  1. Great tip Barb. I once id an interview with Dicky Breaux, owner of Cafe des Amis in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, one of the best restaurants in an area known for fabulous cuisine. One of his primary philosophies is "Never throw out the bones -- the flavor is in the bones!"

  2. Excellent! I agree the flavor is in the bones :) in fact I'm overdue to make some beef stock from soup bones I have in the freezer :)



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