Monday, April 07, 2008

Menu Plan for March 30-April 12

SUNDAY: Volunteer appreciation dinner at church; kids made their own dinner at home

MONDAY: Braised & Barbecued Chicken (that one was a keeper!)

TUESDAY: Empanadas

WEDNESDAY: Spicy Orange Chicken

THURSDAY: spaghetti

FRIDAY: Eat out at the diner

SATURDAY: Beef paysanne

SUNDAY: Pork roast with hoisin-molasses barbecue sauce, orzo with onions and garlic, green beans

MONDAY: Lauri's Nacho Casserole

TUESDAY: Chicken paprika

WEDNESDAY: Spaghetti

THURSDAY: Tandoori Chicken

FRIDAY: Shrimp marinara

SATURDAY: Just me, Middle Sister and Little Brother. We might eat out.

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