Sunday, September 02, 2007

Menu Plan for the Month of September 2007

This month I decided to do my plan a little differently.

I sat down with my freezer inventory list and made a list of 30 dinners that can be made with meat already on hand. That would pretty much clean out my freezer but I buy meat when it's at a good price, so I'm always restocking a bit at a time.

As I go through the month I will pick a week's worth at a time from the list I made.

So here is my list for September:
3 after-school track meets need quick, easy meals: Taco Skillet, Chili or Hot Dogs, Quick Chicken Divan (Family Corner)

Spaghetti once a week (4 nights)

Meatless on Fridays: *Tilapia, *Ravioli marinara, Pierogi, Shrimp marinara

Regular dinners:
*Turkey drumsticks for the kids, chicken chili blanco for grownups
*Pot roast enchiladas
*Pork ribs
Roast chicken
Teriyaki pork
*Barbecue chicken pizza
*Chicken paprika
Swiss chicken melt
*Hot dogs
Cashew chicken
*Sausage & pepper sandwiches
*Spicy orange chicken
Roast pork & vegetables
*London broil
*Chicken noodle soup
Pork chops
Chicken piccata
*Eat out once

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  1. Would love to see your recipe for Empanadas -- I've never tried them.



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