Monday, March 05, 2007

Menu Plan Monday, March 5

SUNDAY: Meatball subs, green salad

MONDAY: Goulash

TUESDAY: Little Brother's 5th Birthday! He wants chicken drumsticks for his dinner. I don't think he cares how I cook them as long as they "have that bone that sticks out." Maybe we'll have chicken on the grill.

WEDNESDAY: Chicken flautas

THURSDAY: Chick-Fil-A night for Middle Sister's school.

FRIDAY: Vegetable fried rice. This link takes you to a recipe containing shrimp but we're just using vegetables this time.

SATURDAY: Lemon Mushroom Herb Chicken

Be sure to stop at the home of Menu Plan Monday and check out all the great menu and recipe ideas!

(And I guess I should clear up some confusion here. "Little Brother" is not my brother. He is my younger son. The older one is known here as "Big Brother," and my daughter is "Middle Sister.")


  1. Looks good, have fun w/ your little brother's birthday

  2. I just love chickfilet! Yum.
    Have a great week!

  3. I've seen meatball subs a few times this week, sounds good. Have to add that to next week. Have fun with your brothers b-day and have a blessed week!

  4. lemon mushroom sounds good, thanks for sharing the link!

  5. You have such a well balanced menu plan.
    Did you know that it's Mother-In-Law Day? Don't forget to give her a hug today!

  6. Happy Birthday, Little Brother!

    I love fried rice!

    Have a great week! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. We love the nuggets from chick-fil-A!



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