Saturday, August 10, 2013

Big Brother's Onion Chicken

I was away this week at a writing conference, and since Middle Sister has been doing a show, it fell to Big Brother to handle the cooking for two nights. He's a good cook, so I just made sure there was food in the house and he took it from there.

On Thursday, we had a long textversation about the oven-worthiness of my favorite skillet. Then, at dinner, I got a text informing me that dinner had been a success.

Obviously he inherited his minimalist style in recipe writing from his great-uncle.

(And I love how he included "eat" in his directions.)

Big Brother says I should try this recipe. I'm going to need a few more details first. And apparently the type of wine is important--Pinot Grigio, not Chardonnay.

I'll update this when I fill in the blanks.


  1. Big Brother is correct in using Pinot Grigio and not Chardonnay. Never cook with a wine you wouldn't drink. I know you don't drink but, if you did, you would. know that Chardonnay is evil.

  2. Shall I officially name you my Wine Consultant then? (And what do I do with the rest of the Chardonnay?)
    I will need the name of a good but inexpensive white wine to use in cooking. Actually, I will need the name of a red as well.



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