Friday, January 30, 2009

Grocery & Coupon Challenge January 2009

I'll be posting my grocery expenses and how much I save with coupons (including store sales). Groceries do NOT include greeting cards, school supplies, bird seed, prescription medications, or household items like rubbermaid containers and mops. They DO include all food, dairy, health and beauty items, over-the-counter medications, paper goods, cleaning and laundry supplies, batteries and light bulbs.

Because my husband wants me to FILL MY PANTRY, my food budget this month is about $750. He is worried about food-supply disruptions so he wants me to have as much food put away as possible.

SPENT "out of pocket":
Jan. 2: Shop Rite. $45 (my husband, who shops without coupons and without regard for sales)
Jan. 5: Wegmans. $21.25 (not a bargain place, but there are certain items I can ONLY get here.)
Jan. 6: CVS. $15.99 (and I got back $12.50 in extra care bucks!)
Jan. 7: Shop Rite. $148.81
Jan. 12: Shop Rite $76.97
Jan. 14: Shop Rite $52.04
Jan. 16: Shop Rite $19.73
Jan. 20: Shop Rite $139.28
Jan. 26: Shop Rite $10.98
Jan. 27: Shop Rite $101.52
Jan. 29: Shady Maple $25.00
Jan. 30: Shop Rite $15.25


SAVED (coupons and store sales):
Jan. 5: Wegmans. $1.00
Jan. 6: CVS. $23.89
Jan. 7: Shop Rite. $85.04
Jan. 12: Shop Rite. $33.19
Jan. 14: Shop Rite. $41.27
Jan. 16: Shop Rite. $18.50
Jan. 20: Shop Rite. $95.10
Jan. 26: Shop Rite. $1.00
Jan. 27: Shop Rite. $47.41
Jan. 30: Shop Rite. $5.45


Not bad!! That's over $1,000 of food for this month but I spent under $700. My pantry and freezer are full.

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