Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Fridge Door for My Blog

Every mom I know has a refrigerator door. Usually they're covered in alphabet magnets, a message center of some kind, school or team calendars, recipes, lists, and kids' art. If something is hanging on the fridge door, someone probably considered it pretty important!

Mine at home is no exception, and probably my cyber-fridge door will prove to look just like it. Basically, it's a place to put my recipes, my ideas in progress, and "whatever" else strikes me as worthy of hanging on the fridge.

Unlike the fridge at home, my children's chore lists will NOT be hanging here!

What I'll probably include here, and I'm thinking of doing at home, is putting up a daily prayer intention. I've got that white board sitting there, with nothing but chores and shopping lists on it. Surely this is more important than chores. Plus, I'll be reminded of that intention each and every time I open the freezer to get Little Brother some more "ice cube water."

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