Saturday, December 31, 2011

Spice Run & a Resolution

We had a whirlwind trip to Pittsburgh this week--and I was able to squeeze in a pilgrimage to Penzeys Spices, only 5 blocks from our hotel.  What a great store!  I loved that it was just a spice store.  Except for spices and cookbooks, there was nothing else around.  No pots, pans, grill tools, freshly-ground coffee, oven mitts, or other stuff.  I like all that other stuff, but it was very refreshing to be in a single-purpose shop.

I found the selection to be amazing and the prices very reasonable.  And what a cute shop!  Look at all the cool stuff I got!

I found 2 "kits" that were a good value.  One contained bay leaves, cinnamon sticks and 2 whole nutmegs.  That's the bag in the upper left.  The other kit had 4 small jars of ginger, ground nutmeg and 2 kinds of cinnamon.

In addition to those, I bought a tube with 3 vanilla beans, one more kind of cinnamon (there are 4, plus a blend, to choose from!), extra ginger (we go through a lot of ginger here), charnushka seeds (for rye bread), lemongrass, gumbo file, Dutch-process cocoa, chipotle powder and a jar of "baking spice" that was a total impulse and tastes great in coffee.

Penzeys has a store in Philadelphia, and I'm already starting a list for my next field trip!

My New Year's Resolution for the kitchen, now, is to rearrange my cabinets to make room for these new spices.  That'll have to wait until everyone's back to work and school, because I'm going to have to pull everything out.

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